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Our Stylus Slimline twist pens are made from a number of wood types from Bird's Eye Maple to Zebra wood. The Stylus Slimline twist pen measures between 13/32 to 7/16 in. diameter and 5 ½ in. length.  All of the pens are turned by hand and dimensions may vary, this makes each pen unique.  The metal is finished in 24kt gold. While the wood is finished with a gloss lacquer and Renaissance Micro-Crystalline wax polish. The Stylus Slimline twist pen operates by a twisting the upper and lower pen halves in opposite directions to extend or retract the point. The Stylus Slimline twist pen uses the Cross® Style refills.

All of the woods that we use to make our pens are in the natural wood colors; we do not use dyes or stains.  The different grain patterns and colors within the same piece of wood also make each pen unique.

We offer free shipping within the United States. Due to all of the pens are handcrafted one at a time, the orders can take up to 2 to 3 weeks before ready for shipping.


For the Smartphone and Tablet user a slimline pen with a touch stylus.  The durable rubber tip protects the device's surface from scratch and smudges and allows you to type precisely and comfortably.  Works on all capacitive touch screen devices; use with the iPhone™, iPad™, iPod touch™ and similar touch screen devices.




Bird's eye maple

Is a light color wood with a figure that resembles small bird's eyes that can be founded in Sugar maples.  This is a hardwood that is grown in the northeastern North America. 



It is a medium to hard wood with red to crimson color and tight straight interlocking grain. Bloodwood is grown in South America.  The color can darken to a darker brownish red over time with exposure to sun light.



Is medium to hard wood, that is deep orange red that can age to a deeper orange brown.  Moderately coarse grain texture with straight to interlocking grain patterns.  Found in the West Africa areas.